Monday, August 29, 2011

Text message: 8/19/11 8:36 PM

What is this number about?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Text message: 8/10/11 8:43 AM

Who the fuck is this?

Text message: 8/4/11 9:05 PM

If you don't want to pay it, I suggest you pull the devil up through the ground by his little horns & maybe he will be dangling dollar bills from his little pitchfork for ya!!

Text message: 8/3/11 12:02 AM

I wanna ram it, ram it, ram it up the poop shoot

Text message: 7/27/11 11:11 PM

U wana get dirty?

7/22/11 10:08 PM

Google's computers were unfortunately unable to make a transcript of this message for whatever reason.

Text message: 7/22/11 9:59 PM

Fuckin groinulomklllll

7/21/11 9:23 PM

What Google's computers thought the caller said:
Hello what's up. Because. Hello, kind of Martin below, hey entry. We need anything Work. So it seems to be bye.