Sunday, June 26, 2011

Text message: 6/26/11 11:10 PM

I'll stick my dick in an electric socket if it can guarantee climax and survival. What say you?

Text message: 6/23/11 11:48 PM

Lesbians will rule the fucking world. Jsyk.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

6/16/11 6:36 PM

Google's computers were unfortunately unable to make a transcript of this message for whatever reason.

6/4/11 10:53 PM

What Google's computers thought the caller said:
HI 00 Received this new had a lot of figured out like a max HI. Yes, ohh i got a fax Saturday, Fax something's wife lazy to hey to 9. I don't know if you I was. People are havingtonight and I do the we're having tonight. I don't know if I was. Hey, hey this is what I have no so just go over and over. So he has it over. Hey, but back. Exactly So I'm going to learnHe's just boy, hey. He's.

Text message: 5/22/11 9:20 PM

Helllllooooooo Ladiesss!!!