Tuesday, September 15, 2009

9/15/09 12:31 AM

What Google's computers thought the caller said:
Need your, and I have to tell you something horrible because i already told you earlier but I'm gonna tell you again. I called my best friend, Hey Dean, and I'd like to, or if you would like a week or so now and she had a girlfriend of the time and and he just brother was opened today and I, and I told them I like in when I was John and a really bad idea because now you can't be printing when we were best friend and now I'm Jan. Lee really start because he laughable time I was talking to Mark. It wasn't straight laughter calling from my house and it really just like it's going to her and like it's like a why would I tell someone, not, and it would just joking. I don't know i wanna talk to you again because I just thought I'd like to, and if not. Rio if i guess not reopened. If you would like to not have actually not heard him at all and and let's see if you want to see if I'm still but I can't because I really like him alright and i couldn't get sons-in-law that liking him and mike all day. I just wanted to touch him in like all the. I'm in, and I couldn't and I will be and I actually i did and i was gonna call the i'm fine with us. There'll be a hand in to let you know I shoulder and fill out. I'm around there. Man it was like it was like, Gonorrhea, landline and I called them out. The last Sunday and I was like i really like you and blah blah blah and he's just flapping the show me and I just can't unit the morning. I just can't take there. I got a really bad with rejection in general and and I just don't want to believe that you say it for you if you were you going to have the money and I'm saddened right now. So, okay bye bye okay. She's talk to you know I'm on the phone and they told me because telephone with him. And I'm like. I love you and I don't wanna while before I can see and I love you and I can't take this injection. I was rejected in respect to the city and I can say as I hear Jackson. I'm leaving rejected.

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